DV SSL-certificates: what is it?

Domain Validated SSL Certificates (short DV) – are certificates that have the lowest level of validation among commercial CA certificates. Right before the DV SSL certificate issuance, the CA will verify that the domain owner will approve a certificate issuance. Such testing is often done via email, although it can also be done by phone or by using other methods.

Low prices for DV SSL certificates

Since the release of DV-certificate is often automated, these certificates are usually offered at a lower price when compared to the high assurance certificates and EV-certificates, which require manual checking for certificate issuance and validation organization.

Despite the fact that DV certificates verify the domain owner’s consent, additional domain owner checks are not performed. Due to this method of testing, this type of certificate is not resistant to phishing attacks and other kinds of Internet fraud.

Extended Validation Pros

The human element involved in the validation of the certificate helps avoid fraud related to phishing. Today, these types of fraud are becoming increasingly popular in the web. In addition, testing staff are also taking other measures to help ensure that the organization requesting the certificate is a licensed and officially registered.

EV-certificates often include additional checks which allow to verify the authenticity of the certificate request (CSR). These certificates give the green line in the browser, as well as other data that users can view on the site.

For example, for the issuing of EV-certificate is necessary that representatives of the organization phoned the representatives of the CA. Certification Center will contact the head of the company, to make sure that EV-certificate request is authentic.

Easy to buy

DV-certificates are very easy to buy, and they carry little value. They help protect against phishing attacks on the web. For stop these attacks, you should be using the SSL Certificate EV. Because EV-certificates provide authentication, they are harder to get to fraudsters, and they will constrain any phishing activity on the web, allowing users to stay safe.

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