General description of the SSL certificate and its purpose

SSL certificate – is a technology that provides a coded connection between the server and the web browser. In other words, it is used for a secure connection, which ensures the privacy of the information that you submit to the browser to the server.

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In most cases, the certificate used on the resources that provide services or purchase of goods.

The principle of SSL certificate work

To obtain an SSL certificate, you must first send a request for issuing. When making the request you will need to respond to a small number of issues. In responses to them must be disclosed info on the company and the domain. At the end the server will form two keys:

  • Private
  • Public

The public key is in the CSR request. The data of this key are easily verified by CSR Decoder. When checking the data will be displayed:

  • Domain name.
  • Name of the organization.
  • Location (city).
  • Region
  • Code of the country.
  • Contact e-mail address.

After successful generation of CSR you can start registration request for the creation of the certificate. After checking the data SSL certificate will be released. Next server checks the certificate and private key.

The resulting certificate will display information about:

  • Owner name
  • Public key.
  • Date of issue.
  • Date of completion of the action.
  • Authority name, which issued the certificate.
  • Signature of

Types of SSL certificates

How to choose an SSL certificate? You can figure out this question, knowing the characteristics and types of certificates.

Certificates differ in characteristics and the degree of validation. According to the types of validation certificates are divided into:

  • Certificates confirming the domain name.
  • Domain and company verification.
  • Certificates with a more extensive validation.

Certificates confirming the domain are the most simple, intended for immediate release.

Certificates confirming the company created if the client has the right to the claimed name.

Certificates with a more extensive inspection – one of the most expensive certificates. But the process for obtaining such a certificate is difficult.

Types of certificates by features

Divide into 6 categories:

  • Standard
  • SGC
  • Wildcard
  • SAN
  • EV
  • With the IDN support

Standard SSL Certificates

These certificates are created automatically and verify only the domain.

Suitable for all sites.

SGC Certificates

Have an increased level of encryption. Designed to increase the bit depth of encryption.

Wildcard Certificates

Useful in providing encryption of subdomains.

SAN Certificates

This certificate enables the use of one certificate for a number of different domains which are placed on the same server.

EV Certificates

They have more extensive checks. It can get only the organization.

Certificate with IDN support

It supports domains in the national alphabet. It is not often used, but some companies have this name in the list of services.

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