How and When Apply SSL-certificates?

The decision on the use of SSL certificates is based on the importance of ensuring the confidential transmission of data on the Internet. For example, when carrying out financial transactions through your web-site, application of SSL certificate is self-evident. If you are processing significant personal information about customers, such as a social security number or other similar information, the SSL Certificate application has serious reasons. Especially if the confidentiality and security of customer information have the highest priority for you.


In the business sphere the use of SSL certificates ensures customers that the risk of leakage of information during transmission over open networks is eliminated. This in itself already gives a clear advantage, because many commercial activities are based on the credibility of the network partners. So if your business success depends on establishing trust with clients and conduct online transactions, the use of SSL certificates is becoming vital.

The importance of the web-server authentication

Information – is the basis of livelihood of your business. To ensure the integrity (protection against tampering) and privacy, it is necessary to identify those with whom you do business, and to be confident in the reliability of the data. Authentication helps you to establish trust between the parties during any kind of transaction. It is important to prevent these phenomena:


Relatively cheap services web-designers and the ease with which can be copied the existing pages allow you to create illegal web-sites that look “official” and apparently represent the organization. In reality, it is a trap to illegally obtain, for example, credit card numbers.

Unauthorized action

Competitor or offended user can change your web-site so that he gave false information or refuse to serve potential customers.

Unauthorised disclosure of information

When the transactions are carried out “openly”, a hacker could intercept them to obtain information important to your customers.

Falsification of data

Contents of the transaction can be intercepted and maliciously or accidentally altered during transmission. User names, credit card numbers and financial information transmitted by “clear text” is too vulnerable to outside interference.

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All about SSL

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