How to use PKI and why is it important in the corporate sector

The cost of PKI implementation solely depends on each setting, but there are some costs that are common. In regards to hardware, costs may be associated with the server, HSM, backup devices. With regards to Windows environment, costs are also related to a server licensing fees.

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In addition, there are staff related costs, which are engaged in the development, implementation and maintenance of PKI environment, and spend on the integration and automation processes of all systems. There may be an additional costs for staff members associated with managing the issuance and revocation of certificates, as well as the maintaining of standard systems – applying patches and run backups.

Depending on the complexity of the environment, company may have a separate server, which will be used as a root and issuing CA. A two-level hierarchy scheme includes a root CA as an issuing authorities that are connected to the root. This is the most popular design, although the architecture can be designed in a different way.

PKI is a very effective method of implementation of a multifactor authentication. Some companies, like the Unisys, require that the devices connected to the corporate network, have to use PKI for encryption and authentication of information exchange.

Safenet, a provider of authentication and encryption solutions, reports that each company which is considering use of PKI for disk encryption, network logon, digital signature and similar applications, should take in consideration the contextual authentication, to ensure that the user’s credentials match the transmitted data.

For organizations which are planning to implement a PKI environment, the very first step is to think through the security architecture that will help to determine the services and applications that require the use of PKI.

PKI itself does not provide security features in case if its used without conjunction with other solutions and communication platforms such as MDM. It is crucial to have a security architect. Organizations also need an individual who will define and implement policies that regulate the generation, renewal and revocation of PKI certificates.

PKI is suitable for companies that do not want to make an additional investments in hardware and software. In order to be able offer this kind of services to its clientele, an organization needs to have a deeper understanding of PKI infrastructure in regards to how it integrates with other solutions, browsers, The MDM, applications. Also, they need to have a stable infrastructure as well as a strong security solutions.

The use of PKI in the corporate segment

In the corporate segment, PKI is used to authenticate users attempting to access the sensitive data, including the validation of the financial transactions.

SafeNet PKI provider offering services for USB authentication, smart cards, cryptography as a Service (CaaS), and the protection of hardware security modules (HSM). The company also provides a variety of products for data encryption and management.

Similar to the case with SafeNet, Company Certified Security Solutions uses PKI for authentication and encryption products. The company approach includes PKI offer as a service (PKIaaS), allowing companies to take full advantage of PKI managed services, without creating their own corporate PKI. In addition to previous, company provides certificate management system, available as a separate product, managed service or as part of a cloud solutions.

Encryption and authentication available for many applications, but it still requires for the company to conduct a detailed analysis of their IT-assets, applications and data. Authorization and identity management along with encryption for the most important data will help to protect the most valuable company information.

Keep in mind that if the attacker is inside the network and tries to intercept corporate data, it will be immediately identified. Even if he has an access to this data, he will not be able to decipher them, so data will make no sense.

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