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Chinese CA issued SSL-certificate for Github domain to simple user

An applicant may receive a free SSL-certificate for the base domain, if he can confirm the control of a subdomain. Chinese certification authority (CA) WoSign, specializing in the issue of free SSL-certificates, mistakenly issued certificates for basic domains Github and

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Fraudsters use StartEncrypt to obtain SSL-certificates

If the title makes someone a slight feeling of déjà vu, it is not surprising. In March 2016 the Israeli company StartCom, which owns StartSSL service and project StartEncrypt for issuance of free SSL-certificates to everyone, has suffered from a

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All about SSL

This site is dedicated to SSL-certificates. You will learn what is an SSL certificate, how to issue and reissue it. FAQ SSL will be useful for both novices and pros. SSL Knowledgebase contains sections on validation, trust logo, vulnerabilities, SSL-certificates differences by type (Wildcard, EV, DV, etc.), as well as many other things.