VeriSign SSL – why these certificates so expensive?

Most likely you have already faced with Verisign SSL certificates. Many sites displays VeriSign’ Site Seal. Seal – is a special logo, which you can find on hundreds of thousands of sites around the world. This may come as a surprise to people because such certificates are expensive. Why they are so expensive?

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VeriSign SSL – the perfect tool for achieving security

In fact, VeriSign (now Symantec) SSL certificates offer a high level of security and protection than most other existing today certificates on market. Today online business needs a great defense, which is important for the customers.

You should understand the fact that no matter how powerful and widespread is the internet, it is still a breeding ground for various scams and third parties. All this can put a business at serious risk because of cyber-attacks seek to extract personal information, customer data, credit card numbers, social data and things like that.

If your site is not safe, your business will be put at risk. That’s why you need to use a reliable security tool, such as Verisign certificates. These certificates can be a great tool for businesses, because they can show to customers that they really come to your site. This helps to reduce the total number of online theft, but also helps you to increase your income.

Do I need to buy expensive Verisign certificate?

In general, a Verisign certificates are more expensive than similar certificates available on the market. And it has its reasons. For example, they offer different levels of encryption depending on the type of certificate. Four basic kinds of certificates from Verisign:

  • Secure Site
  • Secure Site with Extended Validation
  • Secure Site Pro
  • Secure Site Pro with Extended Validation

Secure Site – the basic certificate that you can use. The most expensive certificate – Secure Site Pro with Extended Validation. These certificates also include a visual seal, allowing customers to verify the legitimacy of your site. VeriSign provides a special feature Seal in Search, which allows you to display the trademark next to the company name in the search engine results, as well as an overview. Verisign also helps to get the following features:

  • Scan for viruses (daily)
  • Round the clock support
  • Features for programs

It is best to take the plan that best meets your requirements. Pro tariffs help to get better encryption and security, they also offer free software for monitoring and security. The EV tariffs can also display the green line in the browser, which is a measure of resource security and high credibility. In addition, Verisign certificates have a high level of authentication.

Do you need SSL certificates? The store of certificates entrusted by years and millions of visitors — LeaderSSL. Buy a certificate from a trusted brand.

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