What is an intermediate SSL-certificate? How it is used?

Trusted Root CA certificate can be used for the purpose of creation another certificate which would be used for the issuing of SSL-certificates. The vast majority of SSL-certificates in the world are intermediate SSL-certificates.

Any SSL-certificates issued by using intermediate certificates inherit trust of Trusted Root. It allows you to create the certificate chain.

Who is using intermediate certificate? Some large enterprises use SSL-certificates issued this way. Most often, the certificate chain is not limited to a one intermediate certificate. Certificate chain may consist of three or more intermediate certificates.

There are no known problems related with use of intermediate certificates. All modern browsers use SSL 3.0 as a standard encryption protocol. Previously used SSL versions had few security problems, which led to the fact that their use has come to an end.

Installing of intermediate certificates is very simple and straightforward. The installation process is close to an installation of the end SSL-certificates and it takes around 30 seconds to a minute.

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