Why should you purchase an SSL-certificate?

Possession of SSL-certificate has become a necessity for the sites which are designed to interact with the user’s personal data. SSL-Certificate appearance assures web site visitors that the transmitted data can not be intercepted by an unauthorized persons. SSL-certificates are issued by companies established by specialized certification authorities – independent organizations that have certification license.


The SSL-certificate consists of a public key and identification information about the company that owns the certificate which were confirmed and verified by an authorized center. The private key is stored separately from the SSL-certificate associated with the public key. During the identification, SSL-certificate holder has to prove the reliability of its data by providing the private key which should be corresponding to the public key.

Why does the SSL protocol and SSL certificate is so important for online stores? First of all, because buyers have to be ensured that their personal data will not be passed to the “wrong hands” and will be used only for intended purpose. In addition, buyers are more inclined to trust companies that are recommended by a well known organizations. SSL-certificate indicates that a site belongs to the certain company, and thus confirms that the company is legitimate.

Where can I purchase an SSL certificate, and how to install it on the server? In order to purchase an SSL certificate, you will need to send the appropriate request to the official certification authorities. The applicant may be required to provide copies of some KYC documents, such as recent bank accounts statement of the company or rental agreement. Those documents, should have an address on them which is clearly indicated where the company is located. Certification Authority will compare the declared data against the company’s real information and confirm the authenticity of the data.

Installing an SSL certificate should be done by the administrator of a web server, which will use the certificate. Setting depends on the existing software on the server, so in each case it would be individual.

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