EV certificate to protect against phishing

Internet fraud has become more coordinated and sophisticated, eroding consumer confidence, which is so necessary in the Internet business. Phishing – this is just one of many tactics that scammers use to get personal, confidential information of users. Due to the strict verification requirements to obtain an SSL certificate with EV, the fraudsters will never be able to go through all the stages of testing, resulting in forged EV certificates are found only in exceptional cases.


SSL certificates with Extended Validation EV ensure that the trusted third party (CA) has verified and confirmed the authenticity of the company. Moreover, according to the accepted norms of validation for the EV, CAs are required to thoroughly examine the information on the domains that are at high risk of phishing attacks and other scams. According to these standards, the certification authority shall maintain a database with specific information, such as domain names of the orders that have previously received the refusal to issue EV SSL certificate revoked certificates, etc.

Ultimately, SSL Certificates with EV require a certain level of diligence, which determines whether or not the certificate is issued.

Transparency is becoming increasingly important in today’s society, the policy of “open doors” – a key concept in public relations in every field of activity.

Since the process of release of EV SSL certificate retains the expected transparency, not only users feel more confident in the security of their information, but companies can be assured that the data exchange process is protected. The hierarchical model of the extended EV validation helps provide users with a visual confirmation of the seriousness of the company, which increases the overall level of trust and consumer confidence.

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