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Do you need a SSL-certificate with Extended Validation?

If your company – a major Internet project, you need an SSL certificate with Extended Validation. This certificate is the prestigious company attribute in the Internet – it allows you to set “seal of confidence” on website, confirming ownership of

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One-way authentication – protection from phishing

Using the protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) provides secure communication between Web-server and users. Despite the fact that the protocol allows authentication not only the server and the user, in practice, only one-way authentication is used most often. To establish

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Malware exploit SHA-2 certificates

Rejection of the SHA-1 certificates had an impact not only on the owners of sites and software vendors, but also to malware creators. In a recent report, Symantec revealed information that company discovered a whole family of malicious programs that

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Comodo is trying to get the brand Let’s Encrypt

The non-profit certification authority Let’s Encrypt, controlled by community and provides certificates for free to all comers, revealed information about the attempt of Comodo Group, which business is associated with the spread of SSL certificates, to arrogate the right on

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Problems with the implementation SSL in enterprises and ways of traffic control

It is obvious that there are legitimate reasons to encrypt inbound / outbound enterprise traffic. But encrypted traffic also poses a security risk, since c using SSL can hide their activity, and malware. As most IT managers, all the advantages

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Why all websites should work on https (and does not work on http)

There are two popular protocol which works with sites: http – very simple, and https – the same as http, but with encryption. If you are using https site gets two benefits: Traffic between the user and the site cannot

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The HTTPS protocol – why you should move on it?

Data transfer over HTTPS does not give attackers: Intercept data, because they are transmitted over an encrypted channel. When data is transmitted in plaintext, they can be quite easily intercepted. For example, in the Wi-Fi networks – especially if the

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The problems that come when renew SSL-certificates

SSL-certificate renewal is often a rather complicated process. In this article we will describe some of the problems that you may experience when you renew the SSL-certificate (with Godaddy). To begin with I should say that I am not an

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Interception SSL via the proxy server

Many people believe that SSL is the golden standard in network security. Yes, SSL helps protect you from different problems, but SSL communications can still be intercepted and disrupted. As it is, see this article. How exactly this happens, see

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The benefits of creating your own Certificate Authority

Using your own digital certificates to internal corporate networks, such as intranets and the VPN, enable your business to save a lot of money. Digital certificates form the basis for the infrastructure work technology of public key (PKI). These technologies

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All about SSL

This site is dedicated to SSL-certificates. You will learn what is an SSL certificate, how to issue and reissue it. FAQ SSL will be useful for both novices and pros. SSL Knowledgebase contains sections on validation, trust logo, vulnerabilities, SSL-certificates differences by type (Wildcard, EV, DV, etc.), as well as many other things.