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SSL-certificate with SHA1 will be deprecated in 2017

Last days of SHA1 SSL-certificates is coming. Certificates of this type based on a cryptographic hash, which is calculated using the SHA-1 algorithm. Recent studies have shown that the SHA1 algorithm is not as strong as previously thought. Although no

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Mozilla bans Chinese WoSign – Firefox no longer trusts their SSL-certificates

Starting in January, any site that uses the new certificate from the Chinese CA WoSign will have a problem with Firefox users. The Mozilla, the company that is responsible for the creation of Firefox, announced that it will block all

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Mozilla switches to TLS 1.3 in browser Firefox 52

Mozilla plans to implement a new version of the TLS specification in Mozilla browser. TLS 1.3 will go along with Firefox 52, which is scheduled for release in March 2017. Mozilla representative said recently that the company decided to include

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CloudFlare insists on encryption

Last week for CloudFlare was held under the motto of strengthen cryptographic connections to its global CDN-network. The company has opened to customers free access to innovations such as the TLS 1.3 protocol, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites (auto-redirect from HTTP to

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Malware exploit SHA-2 certificates

Rejection of the SHA-1 certificates had an impact not only on the owners of sites and software vendors, but also to malware creators. In a recent report, Symantec revealed information that company discovered a whole family of malicious programs that

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All about SSL

This site is dedicated to SSL-certificates. You will learn what is an SSL certificate, how to issue and reissue it. FAQ SSL will be useful for both novices and pros. SSL Knowledgebase contains sections on validation, trust logo, vulnerabilities, SSL-certificates differences by type (Wildcard, EV, DV, etc.), as well as many other things.