What you need to do to protect your site with SSL-certificate?

You work with the user data on your site? Are they secure? When a user enters credit card details or personal data, forms the link between the site and device. Will such a connection secure, protected? To protect the data of your customers, you need to be sure to install the SSL-certificate. Before you finish the installation of SSL-certificate you will need to a little deeper into the technology.


First, the domain name for which you wish to purchase the SSL-certificate, must necessarily be executed on you and manipulated by you. In essence, SSL protection works to hide the data sent to the site from a Web browser. Used keys: a public key, which any browser can receive when working with the site, as well as the private key, which only knows the company. The information that is transmitted between the server and browser is encrypted with a key that your server can decrypt, but malware and interceptors are not able to do it. These keys are purchased in a trusted certification authority.

When your SSL-certificate has been issued and used on the site, take your certificate of maximum visibility, to show that the site is secure. Icon of the lock in the browser helps customers to make a choice in favor of the store, but not all clients looking there, and therefore it is better to display the seal on the page, along with other symbols of verification offered by the certification authority. SSL is essential to customer data remain safe. If your site handles personal information or credit card information, it is necessary to invest in SSL.

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