Error with SSL certificate verification. Why it appears?

SSL validation error occurs in the Opera web browser if your computer is unable to verify the certificate of the site. Perhaps this resource belongs to the fraudsters, and the browser warns you of the danger. But if the error was encounter while attempting to connect to a familiar Web sites – problem must be in the system. This article describes what can cause such failures and what to do to correct them.



There are many reasons why Opera’s SSL error pops up. This may be caused by the operation of any applications, Windows system configuration features, network problems, and so on. The following list contains the most common causes:

No connection to the server. Here users are powerless. It is necessary to wait until the problem is solved with the equipment.

Firewall or antivirus software is blocking the connection to the resource. You can try to disable these services to check whether they are the source of the problem. If yes – they should to be properly configure.

Virus outbreak – some viruses and malicious scripts can interfere with surfing on the internet. This error is treated by banal operating system scan with antivirus software.

Incorrect date and time on your personal computer. During SSL tests Opera looks to see if the certificate validity period has expired. If your system clock is in a hurry – observer might think that the certificate is no longer valid.

SSL Validity period expired on the website. Think maybe you should not move on this resource. It may belong to the fraudsters, and it can change the operation of your operating system by built-in scripts.

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