The purpose and function of SSL certificates

Today let’s talk about the purpose of the SSL certificate and what role it plays in the implementation of a software in the enterprise software infrastructure.

At its core, the SSL certificate is a protocol that enables communication security in the process of information exchange between the server and the browser. Securing is carried out on the level of encryption of transmitted data. For the most part it is used by the owners of web resources, where is located strictly confidential any information, that needs careful protection (for example, details of money transfers and so on.). In this case, the SSL server certificate helps to protect data and to become a guarantor of security for web resource.


Operating principle of SSL-certificates

In the process of connecting a browser to a particular site, the SSL-certificate makes a request for authenticate the server, whereupon the server in response to the browser sends a copy of the current certification. After this exchange occurs authentication of certificate copies for further work with a resource. In the case of authentication, the browser sends to the production server relevant information that confirms trust. Thus, the encrypted session starts data communication.

Encryption of data is carried out usually in a few basic steps. In fact, such a system is guaranteed to provide the maximum degree of data security, protecting it from interception, tampering or damage.

Why do you need SSL-certificate?

Often, this protection is used as part of services, which have increased requirements for data security. A striking example is protected emails sending mode, storage of personal user data, storage of private information, financial transactions of various nature, and so on. Among other things, SSL certificate is very popular for the corporate sites, who seek to best protect the transmission and storage of personal data of employees.

Get an SSL certificate means to ensure that company website have high level of trust from customers and partners, which is especially important in the carrying on modern business projects.

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