What problems can address SSL certificate?

Many of us love to chill out in a cafe or somewhere outdoors, while surfing through the web pages by using a Wi-Fi public access point. When we need to fix something on our site, we doing it through FTP-connection. In both of these cases, the connection is not secure and the risk of interception of our data and passwords is quite high.


Hackers or viruses on the network can easily break into the site and insert the viral code. In case if viruses and shells were detected, search engines block the site and place it in the black list. As a result, great efforts are required for the “treatment” of the site including but not limited to loss of time, money, and reputation of the site. According to research, which was conducted in 2014, in 10% of cases after hacking the site it has to be completely redone.

Furthermore, should customer’s data have been intercepted, owner of the site may face the unpleasant consequences, from the loss of customers and their complaints to the fines and penalties for non-compliance with the law on personal data protection acts.

Also, it is extremely important to protect connection, in case if site has sections with restricted access, such as a CRM system, back office of the company, backend of an online store with orders.

In summary, in modern internet the SSL-certificate is a necessary measure to protect the site.

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